Quit Smoking Cigarettes

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Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Post  leesa on Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:56 am

There are many hard hitting truths about which many smokers are not aware of. It is very important that people realize all the effects of smoking and then judge for themselves if the habit is worth cultivating.

Smoking cigarettes is very dangerous to health. According to research one out of every five deaths in the U.S. is attributed to smoking. The most addictive and injurious drug is nicotine which is the main constituent in cigarettes. It reduces around five million years of life span due to premature death.

In the ancient times tobacco was smoked in the form of cigars. Cigarettes, which were made from the left over of cigar making process were used by the poorer community. But when the tobacco companies started mass producing cigarettes, the industry flourished and many people started smoking.

Research proves that smoking four cigarettes a day can induce life long addiction to cigarettes. It is also seen that depression is twice more common in smokers than in non-smokers. Around 20 to 50 percentage of people smoke as cigarettes provide them with a sense of security, reduces inferiority complex and low self esteem. Nicotine also generates joy and reduces anxiety. It triggers the smokerís brain and makes it more capable in processing information. Studies also show that depending on the dosage of nicotine sedation, relaxation, arousal and alertness are induced.

Besides nicotine, cigarettes also contain carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, acetylene and cyanide which are dangerous chemicals and are used as poison. They cause many health hazards like breathing problems, heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer.

A smoker should be wary of these important aspects and try to Quit smoking cigarettes at the earliest. Quitting smoking is very important to lead a healthy life.


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